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Friday, 16 October 2015

Lamar Odom 'opens his eyes and needs to see his kids': NBA star who fallen in house of ill-repute after medication orgy gives most encouraging sign yet of recuperation

Lamar Odom is gaining ground in his recuperation, as per numerous reports that he has opened his eyes at the doctor's facility.

A source at the healing center tells Entertainment Tonight that Odom opened his eyes and was some way or another ready to impart "yes" when inquired as to whether he needed to see his youngsters.

This resounds a past report from the Los Angeles Daily News that Lamar quickly woke up and 'demonstrated some responsiveness with his non-verbal communication' on Thursday and sources told ABC News that he may have even talked. TMZ likewise wrote about Friday that Odom's heart was reacting great to treatment. On the other hand, the tattle site distributed a clashing report that Odom's eye developments could have been automatic.

Still, it's the first uplifting news since Odom was discovered oblivious and frothing at the mouth at a Nevada house of ill-repute on Tuesday.

Ex Khloe Kardashian has supposedly been close by the entire time, settling on his therapeutic choices since the couple's separation has not been totally finished.


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