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Friday, 11 December 2015

Kabul assault: Taliban target government office region

Taliban aggressors have assaulted a remote guesthouse in Kabul's consulate region, bringing about a few setbacks.

Starting reports recommend the Spanish consulate was under assault, yet Spain's executive denied this.

The Taliban say their contenders exploded an auto bomb in the Sherpur region and were as of now inside a building there.

It is the most recent in a progression of bold assaults by Taliban contenders on prominent focuses in Afghanistan.

Setbacks have been gotten to a close-by healing facility, and observers say a firearm fight is still under way.

Onlookers reported listening to an uproarious blast took after by substantial gunfire on Friday evening.

It takes after a Taliban assault on Kandahar airplane terminal on Tuesday evening in which no less than 50 individuals were killed.

Substantial gunfire

Afghan security authorities say that seven extremists are included in the assault. Both Afghan and Spanish security powers are apparently at the scene.


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