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Monday, 21 November 2016

A Supreme Court judge in Nigeria has been charged in court in the capital Abuja with debasement and government evasion.

Equity Sylvester Ngwuta, who was supposedly found with a few identifications, argued not blameworthy to 15 tallies of extortion.

He showed up alongside seven different judges, who all denied the charges.

The battle against debasement was a crusade vow of Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari who came to power a year ago.

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A month ago, Nigeria's security office said it had seized $800,000 (£645,200) in trade out strikes focusing on senior judges associated with debasement.

Equity Ngwuta and his co-litigants were captured in those assaults.

The strikes did not run down well with the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) which blamed the powers for completing a "Gestapo-style" operation.

The NBA effectively contended that the judges ought to be discharged on safeguard.

The legal administrative assortment of Nigeria, the National Judicial Council (NJC), suspended the judges pending their trial.


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