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Monday, 21 February 2022

Buhari seeks partnership with EU to stop the mass migrations of Nigerian youth


President Muhammadu Buhari has moved to stop the mass

migration of Nigerian youth as he laments that the trend is

'draining Africa's talent pool'.

The president who spoke in Brussels, Belgium, at the 6th EU-

AFRICA, is seeking partnership with European countries to

stop the trend.

According to an article published on the Politico,

online/offline magazine, Buhari said, "By 2050, Africa's

population of 1.3 billion is set to double, making upa quarter of

the world's total. My country, Nigeria, is set to double its

population to 400 milion by then, surpassing the United States

to become the third-largest nation in the world.

This means a huge youthful market right on Europe's doorstep

and - with increased trade - a growing middle class with

money to spend.

However, despite burgeoning possibility, irregular northward

migration from my continent drains Africa's talent pool, while

provoking political crlses in the EU. Despite its best efforts,

Europe will not find a sustainable remedy to this problem by

further reinforcing its Fortress Europe approach.

Instead, more opportunities must be created for Africans at

home, providing alternatives to the decision to take a life-

thre#tening boat journey in order to seek them elsewhere. The

relationship between the EU and Africa must be rebalanced to

power job creation. Unfortunately, today's arrangements do just

the opposite.

For instance, subsidy-driven surpluses of European milk are

powdered and sent to Africa, decimating its dairy industry. It is

a similar story when it comes to wheat and poultry production.

Despite having the most underutilised arable land in the world,

Africa remains a net food importer."

The president noted that over €50 billion is pushed into

markets in Europe to help them produce cheaper food. This, he

explained, keeps Africa at the losing end.

With its main export market distorted against them, African

countries are deprived of foreign exchange, and investment in

agriculture is stifled." Buhari said

Sunday, 20 February 2022

The Queen has tested positive for Covid

 The Queen has tested positive for Covid,

Buckingham Palace has said.

The monarch is experiencing "mild cold-like

symptoms" but expects to continue "light duties" at

Windsor over the coming week, the palace said.

"She will continue to receive medical attention and

will follow all the appropriate guidelines," it added

in a statement.

Her eldest son and heir, the Prince of Wales, tested

positive on 10 February, after meeting his mother

on 8 February.

It is understood a number of people have tested

positive at Windsor Castle, where the Queen


Later on Sunday, the Palace issued a

congratulatory message from the Queen to the

Team GB Curling teams.

She heralded the teams' "outstanding

performance" at the Winter Olympics, which led to

the women securing a gold medal and the men


She added: "I know that your local communities and

people throughout the United Kingdom will join me

in sending our good wishes to you, your coaches

and the friends and family who have supported you

in your great success."

US sounds fresh alarm over Russia invasion fears


The US secretary of state has said the extension of
Russian military drills in Belarus has made him
more worried about an imminent invasion of
Antony Blinken said Moscow's decision to keep
about 30,000 troops in Belarus, next to Ukraine,
amid raised tension in eastern Ukraine, suggests
His warning came as unidentified US intelligence
sources said Russian commanders have been
ordered to invade.
But Ukraine said talk of an imminent Russian
invasion was "inappropriate".
Its Defence Minister Alexei Reznikov said an attack
"tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" was unlikely
as no Russian "strike groups" had yet formed near
the border.
Russia has denied it plans to invade its neighbour. A
Belarusian statement blamed the "deterioration of
the situation" in eastern Ukraine as one reason for
extending the drills in Belarus that were due to end
on Sunday.
Explosions have been continuing in Ukraine's
eastern Donbas region this weekend, amid
increased clashes between the Ukrainian
government forces and Russian-backed rebels.

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