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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Police Arrest 125 Pro-Biafra Protesters In Delta

The Nigeria Police Force appear to be applying the full weight of the law on dissenters, who have hindered the expressways in Asaba,Delta State, as they look for the actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra. The circumstance has made explorers endure untold hardship.

As such, 125 young fellows have been captured by the police for taking an interest in the challenge.

As indicated by the Police in Asaba, the captures were made to hinder an aggregate breakdown of peace in Delta State.

The tumults by the indigenous individuals of Biafra have been on since last Friday. The main showings were recorded in Imo State.

One-Million-Man March

For the duration of the night, around 10,000 individuals from the gathering laid attack at the real fly-over scaffold in Enugu.

Report says that the gathering walked through the significant lanes during the evening before backpedaling to their different areas, polluting a prior notice by the police not to hold the walk.

The captured men from Asaba are prone to be charged to court on Monday.

On Friday, The Nigeria Police Force issued a notice against the one-million-man walk, saying the nonconformists, from the south-eastern locale, would be inciting the law in the event that they don't stop such challenges or call.


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