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Sunday, 27 November 2016

US President-elect Donald Trump has assaulted Hillary Clinton over her battle's support for a describe of votes in the condition of Wisconsin.

Mr Trump reminded his Democratic opponent that she had as of now surrendered, and distributed comments from the presidential civil arguments in which she had encouraged an acknowledgment of the survey comes about.

Mrs Clinton was then responding to Mr Trump's refusal to regard the result.

The relate in Wisconsin was started by Green Party applicant Jill Stein.

The state was barely won by Mr Trump.

Dr Stein additionally needs relates in Michigan and Pennsylvania, refering to "factual abnormalities".

The Green Party candidate supposedly needs to make certain PC programmers did not skew the survey for Mr Trump.

Worries over conceivable Russian obstruction had been communicated in the keep running up to the vote.

The US government has said Russian state on-screen characters were behind hacks on the Democratic National Committee, a claim denied by Moscow.

Results would should be upset in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to modify the result of the 8 November presidential race - something examiners say is profoundly impossible.


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