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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Barca couldn't win Premier League, in view of Stoke, says Pique

Barcelona may be a monster in the best alliance in Europe, yet Gerard Pique says the five-time European champions wouldn't have the capacity to win the Premier League - on account of groups like Stoke.

In a meeting with The Telegraph, the safeguard - who went through four seasons with Manchester United - says the Catalan side would battle against the PottersI imagine that if Barcelona or Real Madrid goes to the Premier League then the first year of playing there, there is no shot of winning it," he says.

"Since on the off chance that you go to Stoke, or different sorts of groups, then it will be truly intense. It's a level headed discussion – we could invest hours on it. In the event that Manchester United or Chelsea go to Spain then the same. No opportunity to win the group."

So Lionel Messi and Neymar et al truly wouldn't have the capacity to do it on an icy blustery night in Stoke - well straight away in any event.


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