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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

US President Barack Obama has conjured "an eventual fate of trust" for Cuba in an exceptional live TV address conveyed from the Grand Theater in Havana.

Mr Obama said he had come to Cuba "to cover the last leftovers of the Cold War" following quite a while of contention.

He told Cuban President Raul Castro that he didn't have to fear a danger from the US nor from "the voice of the Cuban individuals".

Mr Obama is the principal sitting president to visit Cuba in 88 years.In his keynote discourse on the most recent day of his three-day visit to Communist-run Cuba, Mr Obama said it was the ideal opportunity for the United States and Cuba to abandon the past and make an "excursion as companions and as neighbors and as family, together" towards a brighter future.He asked Cubans to "leave the ideological skirmishes of the past behind" and to characterize themselves not through their restriction to the US but rather generally as Cubans.


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